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Desiging a small living space: Two designer secrets to try

by Johnna Brown 06/14/2024

Designing a small living space can feel like a challenge. However, it's possible to add style, comfort and functionality to any space regardless of the square footage. If you're interested in ways to maximize the potential of your small spaces, here are some decorating tips to help:

High & low

One key strategy to designing a small living space is achieving a perfect combination of high-and-low. Some decor and furnishings should draw attention up high, while others should remain low to create the illusion of more space.

For example, attach curtain rods far above the tops of windows to make them appear taller. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases can also make the ceilings of the room seem higher and add more space. For furniture, opt for low-sitting pieces closer to the ground. Sofas, beds and other larger furnishings should rest entirely on the floor or very close to it. The combination of these two furnishing strategies will make any space appear more open.

The perfect rug

Finding the perfect area rug for a room is essential to the design process. However, it's crucial to pick the correct size of rug, especially when decorating a small space. Too small a rug can make the room seem smaller and more cramped than it actually is, while a rug that's too large can swallow up available floor space.

To find the perfect size of rug, consider the placement of furniture in the room. Chairs and beds should be half-way on the rug rather than completely on top of it, while smaller furnishings like end tables should either be on empty floor space or on the rug. Experiment with different rug shapes to find the perfect balance in your space.

These are just two ways to decorate a small room without making it cramped or uncomfortable. By maximizing the space you have, you can express your personal style and create the perfect aesthetic for any room.

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Johnna Brown

 Johnna grew up in Amherst NH and still has strong ties to the Amherst & Mont Vernon Communities. Johnna moved to Manchester at 19 when she purchased her 1st home. She has resided in the West Side of Manchester since 2007. Always having a strong interest in real estate, Johnna and her husband, Jeff, started investing in rental properties in 2017 with the purchase of a 2 bedroom condo in Manchester. They now own 10 properties with the goal of growing to 60 total rental properties. In 2020 Johnna and Jeff started adding short term rentals to their portfolio focusing in the NH Lakes Region and Southern Maine Coast. Johnna achieved Airbnb Super Host and VRBO Premier Host status within the first year. 

From May to October Johnna divides her time between Manchester, NH and her beach cottage in Wells Maine. Johnna’s extensive experience with both long term and short-term rental properties makes her the ideal real estate agent to help you start or build your real estate investment portfolio. Johnna works with a lot of home owners selling their homes and buying homes simultaneously and also sellers relocating out of the area. 

Johnna prides herself in being hard working, dependable and down to earth. In her free time, she enjoys reading, jigsaw puzzles and spending time outdoors with her husband, dogs and friends.